Top 7 Movies about Online Dating

Dating apps have become a part of modern pop culture and a big topic to show in movies. Online dating has lots of peculiarities and downsides, and that attracts directors and scriptwriters a lot. Some of those movies are fun and entertaining; others are melancholic and sometimes even depressing.

Do you want to watch some inspiring and thrilling movies about online dating where the main hero is looking for a mail-order wife or get disappointed with a one-night stand? Here are the top seven comedies and dramas to watch this weekend.

Two Night Stand (2014)

Some dating apps are designed to meet online brides, others to find a one-night stand. If you have ever used the app of the second type, you know that hookup dates sometimes go differently than planned.

Two Night Stand tells us a story about Megan and Alec, who met on a dating app for a one-stand but ended up spending more time together because of the blizzard that blocked them in the house. Their first night together wasn’t great, and at first, it seemed that they were too different to make a couple. However, once they start to openly communicate with each other and discuss the things that they have done wrong, the situation changes. They have sex again, and this time, it is way more enjoyable for both partners.

Love, Guaranteed (2020)

Most dating websites claim to be the perfect place to meet “the” one. But in reality, many people go on dozens of dates and never find love. In this movie, we meet Nick, a guy who has had 986 dates and gets disappointed with the app Love, Guaranteed. Trying to restore justice, Nick hires lawyer Susan to sue the app development company for its false promises.

It’s a romance movie, so you can guess where the plot goes: Nick falls in love with Susan. The couple faces the dilemma of whether to maintain their relationship or end it. Since the dating app helped them meet, their relationship jeopardizes the legal case. It’s a great-feel movie you can watch alone or with your romantic partner.

Mingle All the Way (2018)

Matching algorithms of some apps work more effectively than one might think. AI-powered apps can match you with your true soulmate if you provide valid information about yourself. 

Mingle All the Way is a new app for networking. Busy professionals in different fields can use it to find their plus one for upcoming events without being involved in long-term romantic relationships. Molly, the app’s founder, wants to prove to everyone, including her relatives, that her app works effectively, so she creates a profile on the app and meets a handsome guy named Jeff.

Molly and Jeff have met twice in real life, and both times, not in a pleasant way. Despite this fact, the couple decided to stay matched and participate in upcoming holiday events and activities. The more they spend time together, the more they see that they are meant to be together.

If you are a big fan of romantic Christmas movies, add Mingle All the Way to your must-watch list. This movie will help you learn more about how the matching algorithms of dating apps work and let you feel the magic of the season.

Yes No Maybe (TV Series 2016-2019)

While most people use dating apps to find love, some singles use them to entertain themselves. Some of those individuals become addicted to swiping and choose the role of a serial dater over the role of a caring partner. Yes No Maybe is a TV series about such a dater, Mads, who can’t live a day without swiping right on the dating app.

Here is how the story starts: Mads’ girlfriend broke up with him, leaving him depressed and unsatisfied with his life. His friends try to cheer him up and help him find new ways to fall in love again—they install the app Yes No Maybe on his phone, and that’s how the swiping game begins.  

At first, Mads tries to overcome his insecurities to impress women. Later, he becomes a serial dater who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. He gets addicted to dating and goes on a new adventure every day in Copenhagen.

These TV series have its European charm. If you are looking for something other than Netflix movies, give this series a try.

Lover Stalker Killer (2024)

Are you into documentaries? Watch this new true crime documentary that reminds us that we should be mindful about using dating sites and take care of our own safety.

This movie tells the story of a man, Dave Kroupa, who moves to Omaha, Nebraska, and starts using a dating app. He ends up in a love triangle with two women, one of whom becomes obsessed with Dave and later commits a crime. You will be amazed at the plot twist. The understanding of the fact that these events took place in real life will blow your mind.

The Bride He Bought Online (2015)

International dating websites are full of fake profiles. Some users use photos of someone else to attract more people to their profile and fool them. This is what happened to John Bennett, a computer programmer who was tricked by three girls who used photos of deceased models from the Philippines to create a fake profile.

Being a lonely and socially awkward person looking for a mail-order wife, John has become a victim of teenage girls’ pranks. Later, he managed to uncover the identities of the offenders and started his revenge game. He hired Nick, a male prostitute, to make three girls fall in love with one man and then break their hearts.

Don’t want to be catfished by someone from an international dating website? Use dating services with verified user profiles. Visit BridesUniverse and check the list of dating sites you can trust.

The Tinder Swindler (2022)

Online dating is a favorite place for scammers who are looking for easy ways to steal money. The Tinder Swindler is a movie about a handsome guy who joined Twitter to seduce women and steal money from them. He pretends to be rich and flies a private jet across Europe to impress girls on their first dates. Later, he tells them he is threatened and asks them to lend him the money.

This movie is a documentary. It shares stories of real victims who thought that they were in a relationship with a man who was masterfully robbing their bank accounts.

Wrapping Up

Online dating movies cover a wide variety of topics, from finding a mail-order wife to being scammed, robbed, and disappointed with someone you thought you had a romantic relationship with. Choose the movie that matches your mood and enjoy watching it.


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