Actress Kennedy Garcia is Making History

Kennedy Garcia is shattering the glass ceilings with her new role as Felicity on the long running daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. Kennedy is the first adult actress with Down syndrome to have a recurring role on a daytime soap opera.  This new role will only add to her already groundbreaking resume. 

Kennedy was discovered by American Girl and became the first model with Down syndrome to work for the brand. That led to other work with brands such as Justice, Claire’s, Disney, and more. Kennedy even appeared with Cardi B in the 2023 McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial. Currently, her short film “Brownies” has been officially selected for the 2024 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Festival. There seems there is nothing this talented actress can’t do!

  1. Congratulations on making history as the first actress with Down syndrome to be on a soap opera! Tell us about your new role as Felicity on “Days of Our Lives”

Felicity is awesome. She’s in high school and has Down syndrome obviously. She loves to bake and wants to own a bakery when she grows up. She works hard at Sweet Bits and loves her boss Chanel and her brothers Mark and Aaron! 

  1. What is it like being on one of the longest running soap operas? Were you a fan of the show before you were cast?

It has been so fun! Everyone on set is so nice and has made me feel right at home. I love going to set and meeting new people each time I’m there. I have definitely been a soap opera fan for many years! In fact, my friend Courtney Hope from Y&R helped coach me for this audition!! But Days was a new one for me! Now I watch it every day! 

  1. Actors have said that working on a soap opera is some of the best training you can have as an actor. What have you learned from working with this amazing cast?

It moves fast and you have to be ready! My first day I was so nervous! But now I’m ready every time I’m on set and all my cast mates have helped me run lines and made sure I’m ready to go. They have helped me every step of the way! 

  1. What has been your favorite memory so far from working on “Days of Our Lives”?

Definitely making TikToks with people while we are waiting to film! We have so much fun together! We work hard but we also laugh a lot! 

  1. This is a big year for you! You had a role in the short film “Brownies” which has been selected for the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Festival! What can you tell us about this film and your role in it?

Oh yes my name in that film is Sasha and I’m the head of a Girl Scout troop. Another troop comes over to our camp to prank us but they don’t realize we all have disabilities. It’s a great film that was directed by Spike Lee and I’m so excited for the recognition it’s getting! 

  1. Why do you feel diversity in this industry is so important? What do you want to say to those aspiring actors who may believe they can’t succeed because of their disabilities?

Diversity and inclusion in film and television is so important. People with disabilities are everywhere. We live in your communities, go to your schools, work at your jobs, why shouldn’t we be included in entertainment as well? We work hard for everything in our lives and I hope that one day it will not be SO exciting to see someone with a disability on your screen because it’s just… normal. For all my other actors out there, keep working hard. Your time to shine is coming! 

  1. Are there any upcoming projects you can share with us? 

Yes! I have a small role in a film called ‘The Executor’ where I play the role of Mary. The film is releasing in June. I’m very excited to see that. I also took part in a PSA for Easter Seals with my boyfriend Matthew and I can’t wait to share it! It’s been a busy year for me! 

  1. Fun Question: We would love to know what is your favorite Broadway play or musical and why?

Oh there are so many! Most recently I saw “MJ the Musical” and loved it so much. “Annie” of course is a classic and I can watch it over and over, but I think number one in my heart will always be “Six”! I danced and sang in my seat the whole time!

  1. Where can we follow you on social media? 

Please follow me on all socials @kennedyjean04 . Thank you!


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